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3D Renders

Have you seen a 3D render? You probably have! They are often used to show what a completed building or interior design will look like before construction has even begun. New home builds and commercial construction or redevelopment proposals feature renders to show potential buyers and community members what they are getting.

So, what does 3D render actually mean? I'm glad you asked! It is a photo-realistic image, which depicts natural looking surfaces, finishes and lighting.

We can now see how our finishes and furnishings are going to look and feel when the room is complete. Checking the lighting plan in a night-time render is a fun way to make sure your lighting is adequate - and aesthetic.

When creating your interior concept and design, I use CAD software to create 2D plans and 3D models. Below is an example of this kitchen/dining/family space as a 3D model. These models are to scale and are an excellent tool for spatial planning, cabinetry design, and nailing your colour scheme and finishes. They are also really helpful in determining the correct scale of your furniture and artwork - there is nothing worse than finding out too late that your new sofa is too big for the room.

But when you view the same design as a photo-realistic render, you can feel the space come alive - the sun is shining through the sheer curtains, the rug is tactile and soft underfoot and the atmosphere is peaceful, inviting and sophisticated.

If you are renovating or building, having realistic images of your project can help you proceed with confidence, knowing you have made solid design choices. I would love to create 3D rendered images for your project - get in touch to find out more about working with me.

I offer freelance 3D rendering services to busy interior designers, builders, and more, as part of my Professional Design Services. Photo-realistic renders enable your clients to visualize the space and showcase your design in the best possible light. Communicating your design with rendered images is a breeze and you can be sure that you - and your clients - will be excited to get the project underway. Get in touch to find out how I can help you streamline your design process.

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