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Ensuite Bathroom Renovation - Behind The Design

Attention to detail and thoughtful design decisions completely transform an outdated ensuite bathroom in this modern-coastal renovation.

Bathroom vanity with oak cabietnry, and a white benchtop and basin.
Vanity in Boston Oak

In a recent project, we had the pleasure of working with a client to renovate their small ensuite bathroom and create a stylish and functional oasis. By focusing on maximizing space, storage, and usability, we were able to achieve a stunning result that exceeded our client's expectations.

OCncetual mood board from the design phase of the renovation - images of tiles, tapware and joinery and accesories.
Concept mood board

With a footprint of just over 1metre by 3metres, spatial planning was critical in achieving good functionality and using every square millimetre to its full potential. One of the key design decisions made early in the process was centering the door opening in front of the vanity. By aligning the door with the vanity, basin, and shaving cabinet, we were able to create a more visually appealing and functional layout. The upgrade from a '70s style external sliding door (complete with pelmet) to a cavity slider not only saved space in the master bedroom but also added a sleek finish to the bathroom. Additionally, dropping the finished floor level by 20mm to match the carpet in the master bedroom provided a smooth and safe transition between spaces.

Design Documentation - floor plan for teh bathrom renovation
Floor Plan

Previously this bathroom got quite damp because of the lack of ventilation, so to counter this we added double exhaust fans. Down lights above the vanity provide plenty of lighting in this small bathroom.

In the shower, we added a practical ledge that runs the width of the room, providing stylish and functional storage with far more flexibility than a niche. By extending the shower floor plan by 100mm, we were able to accommodate the depth of the ledge without sacrificing space. This increased the sense of luxury and spaciousness in the shower area.

Shower ledge with large format grey tiles blow and white gloss tiles above. Bthroom accessories sit on the shower ledge.
Shower ledge

To enhance the overall sense of space in the small bathroom, we opted for a frameless glass shower screen with a swing door. Because there is nothing blocking line of sight, more visual space is created. A twin rail shower with a rain head and handheld shower was installed with a little extra height clearance added to catered to the client's height.

The centrepiece and most used item in any bathroom is the vanity, and again we have accounted for our client’s specific needs and mounted the vanity 50mm higher than standard to make this bathroom as comfortable as possible. Due to the narrow room, the vanity depth is just 390mm, which although small, it is perfectly scaled to the space and provides plenty of storage. The wall-hung vanity has a lighter appearance than a traditional vanity and having more open space and floor area visible below creates more visual space. Above the vanity is a recess-mounted shaving cabinet, with more than enough additional bathroom storage and a hidden power outlet.

View of the bathroom inlcuding teh window, towel rail, vanity and shaving cabinet
Ensuite bathroom

The tile selections in this bathroom were very deliberate. We chose a light warm grey stone look tile imported from Italy. This is a large format 600 x 600mm size, with the benefit being very few grout lines and a seamless and beautiful finish on the walls and floor. Using the same tile on the floor and walls creates a sense of larger space. Adding some interest without being ‘in your face’ is the feature tile above the ledge in the shower. The square shape mirrors the large-format tiles, and the gloss finish contrasts with the mat stone tiles in the rest of the bathroom. These tiles also have a rustic, undulating surface, and edges to create gorgeous reflections and add some texture to this neutral bathroom.

The square-set ceiling and minimal architraves adds to the contemporary style, along with the new black framed awning window. Tapware and hardware are all finished in brushed nickel in a contemporary take on traditional chrome tapware. The brushed nickel has a luxurious warm undertone and satin finish to elevate the space. Timber was added in the vanity to warm the room and add more natural elements.

A detail photo of the white basein with a wood tray, candle and vase of native flowers
Vanity styling

Spending time in the planning stages of this project to maximise the available space and improve functionality of this ensuite has really paid off. Digging deep into the clients’ needs and discovering their dream outcome – a minimal and low maintenance bathroom, with a neutral colour and material palette that isn’t going to date – has resulted in their dream bathroom. Having a clear plan, every detail accounted for, and each design decision made in advance, made the construction process easier and smoother for both the client and the build team.

By listening to our client's needs, understanding their preferences, and executing a carefully planned design process, we were able to achieve their dream bathroom. From the layout to the finishes, every aspect of this renovation was tailored to maximize space, storage, and usability, resulting in a beautiful and practical oasis that surpassed expectations.

- Carly

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