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Floor Rugs: Size matters!

Rugs are such an important element in any room – they ground your space and create a foundation for your furniture. They add colour, texture and pattern, and create a sense of intimacy, warmth and cosiness.

One of the most common mistakes I see in people’s homes is a rug that is too small for the space.

The good news is, it’s an easy fix to get your rug size right and your living room perfectly styled from the ground up.


A lot of us live in homes centered around open-plan living areas, and one of the best ways to define different zones in a large space is with rugs. By separating floor spaces in a large area with rugs we signal that this space is for a different purpose to another.


Depending on the brand, rugs typically come in three to four standard sizes; small 160 x 230cm, medium 200x300cm, large 240x340cm and extra-large 300x400cm.

Measuring up:
  • Start by measuring the length and width of your room – and write it down!

  • Measure your furniture pieces and make sure they are in the optimal layout for your family’s needs, flow and spacing.

  • Choose the optimal standard size to suit your space and furniture.

  • Make sure you leave at least 20-30cm of bare floor around the edge of the rug

  • Use painter’s tape to mark out where your rug will go, and compare different sizes if you still aren’t sure.

Living Rooms:

Ideally, the front feet of your sofas and chairs will sit on the rug, so it’s best to choose a rug that is a bit longer than your largest furniture item. If you have a large living room, a rug that accommodates your furniture entirely will create a unified look. We want to avoid under-sized rugs, which leave the rug floating in the middle of the floor without furniture anchoring it.


It is so luxurious to slip your feet out of bed and land on a soft warm rug, so when we are selecting a rug for the bedroom, we must be generous. Ensure the rug extends around the sides and end of the bed by a minimum of 50cm.

In a children’s room, a smaller rug to the side of the bed or a round rug positioned under the corner of the bed is a great way to create cosiness and warmth as well as add more colour and texture.

Dining Rooms:

A rug under the dining table is a great way to add some interest to the dining room. Ideally, the rug will be large enough for the chairs to be pulled out without slipping off the edge of the rug. Round rugs are perfect for round tables, and oval shaped rugs are of course perfect for oval tables.

Selecting the right size rug calls for a little bit of planning and careful measurement of your room and furniture. By using this guide, you can confidently start shopping for a rug that not only provides you with warmth and comfort, but also elevates your space and creates an inviting atmosphere.

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X Carly

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