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Christmas Decorating

Deck the Halls with Aussie Flair: Embrace Your Inner Decorator This Christmas

The holidays are upon us, and while the festive spirit fills the air, so do the dreaded mass-produced decorations that scream "cheap and cheerful" rather than "stylish and sophisticated." This year, let's skip the mass-produced mayhem and embrace a laid-back Australian Christmas that's both merry and mindful.

Shop your own home first

Before you succumb to the siren song of the shopping mall (or its online equivalent), take a peek at your existing treasures. You might just find those forgotten gems hiding in the back of your linen closet that are perfect for a seasonal refresh. Remember, sustainability is always in style! If you are going shopping for a festive update, choose pieces that will see you through more than just December.

Think beyond the red and green 

Don't let tradition trap you in a vortex of gaudy colours. Embrace our laid-back Australian aesthetic style with a modern spin on the classic palette. Imagine washed terracotta instead of vibrant red, sage and mint replacing pine green, and warm mustards and tans taking the place of harsh golds. These subtle shifts evoke the festive spirit without sacrificing your refined taste.

Fringe, tassels, and natural fabrics are your new best friends 

Give your Christmas a touch of relaxed luxury with fringed edges, playful tassels, and natural fabrics like linen and cotton. These textures create a cozy atmosphere and the warmth of traditional Christmases, in materials that are perfect for our summer weather.

Forget the pine, grab a native! 

Instead of struggling with a prickly pine, why not embrace the Aussie spirit with a stunning gum tree branch in a woven basket? For those who prefer something that won’t wilt throughout the month, a faux eucalyptus adds a touch of local love without the hassle.

Native flora is your secret weapon 

Ditch the tired old poinsettias and embrace the beauty of our native flora. Banksias, wattle, and gum leaves make stunning table decorations, adding a touch of Australian magic to your festive feast. Pair them with natural-toned table linens and tan accents for an elevated look that says "Australian Christmas chic."

Don't forget the finishing touches! 

A Christmas haven wouldn't be complete without the right ambience. Fill your home with the soothing scent of a beautifully scented candle or oil diffuser. You can find just about any fragrance, from Christmas pudding to pine needles, and evoke the season's magic. And what's a holiday celebration without music? Put on your favourite Christmas tunes, whether it's Mariah Carey's iconic ballads, Michael Buble's smooth crooning, or the timeless classics. Let the music fill your home with joy and good cheer.

So there you have it! This Christmas, pass on the mass-produced nick-knacks and embrace a celebration that's both stylish and sustainable. With a little creativity and a sprinkle of your unique personality, you can create an Aussie Christmas that's merry, bright, and totally you.

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