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How to style like an interior designer: Home entry styling tips

Have you ever thought about what your entry says about you? It's the first thing you, and your guests, see when they walk in your front door.

There are some challenges when furnishing and styling an entrance – the space can be small or an awkward shape, and can be a thoroughfare heading in multiple directions.

Let’s work through this like an interior designer and get your entry styled to perfection.

Image Source: Home Beautiful | Louise Rothe

Before you start shopping, it’s time to measure up the space, consider your needs and plan it out from a functionality perspective. Who is using the space most often and what are they doing? Perhaps it’s your whole family and they drop their shoes and coats on the way through – storage is your friend here! Or maybe you normally use another entry and this area is really only used when greeting guests.

Sourcing Furniture

Now you have a plan, you can source the right furniture. Console tables are great for entries and hallways as they are narrow and often have small drawers for tucking little things away from view. The next thing to source is a beautiful mirror or large piece of wall art – your art should reflect your personality and style. If you love bold abstracts, that is what you need. A muted landscape? Go for it. Mirrors are fantastic for a couple of reasons – they reflect light around the room and give a sense of spaciousness, you can check your look as you head out the door, and if you are into feng shui a mirror placed perpendicular to the front door is the way to go.

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Lighting is a fundamental element of interior design and a great way to get that professionally styled look is to consider your lighting plan. A table lamp serves a couple of purposes – it creates a warm and welcoming ambiance, and it adds texture and dimension to your décor styling. For a classic traditional look, balance two table lamps on either side of the console table. If you have a large space or tall ceilings, a pendant light makes a stunning feature. If space is tight, consider wall lighting.


Balancing your elements is a key aspect in styling like an interior designer. We consider shape, texture, size, colour and more. Balance your table lamp with a tall plant or vase of stems. Add a decorative bowl or trivet to catch keys and wallets. Layering both horizontally and vertically creates sophisticated styling – 2 or 3 books stacked horizonally with a dish or candle on top, or a vessel, candle and ornament layered in front of each other. Place your lamps and décor items partially in front of your mirror or artwork to create interest and connection between each element. Woven baskets under your console table are perfect for hiding shoes and add natural texture.

Styling your entry like an interior designer is all about planning, sourcing the right furniture, lighting, and a purposeful approach to styling. Take your time when considering each aspect and remember to balance your elements for a cohesive look. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can create a warm and welcoming entryway that reflects your style and personality.

Let me know if these home entry styling tips have helped you style your entry like an interior designer.

If you would like an interior designer to do it for you, get in touch with me - we can start with a free discovery call. I offer online interior design services to everyday people who want the benefits of professional interior design and the freedom to implement themselves.

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