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The Power of the Mood Board!

Mood boards are fabulous tools for visualizing how elements will work together in a space.

Mood boards are often the first step in the creation of a design concept, and are referred to throughout the project, with the goal to establish clear direction from the beginning.

Thoughts, ideas, colour schemes, and styles are collected and refined to create a concept.

A mood board will often include inspiration images – anything from styled rooms, to a beach scene, a vase of flowers, or maybe a Balinese spa. These images represent ideas taken from initial client conversations, and set the tone for the design and often colours and textures will be drawn from these images.

A keystone piece might also be included, if you have one yet! This could be a piece of art or sentimental sculpture, or a piece of furniture.

Using a mood board, we can easily see if the colours clash or blend or contrast perfectly. We can see if a print needs to be added, or if things are getting out of hand in the pattern department!

Once we have all our ideas in one place, we can step back and see what works well together and what doesn’t. We can then see that we are moving in the right direction, avoiding costly mistakes down the track. We want to make sure the style, mood, colours and overall feel of the project are just right – for you!

Would you like to achieve clarity in your home style? A refined, purposeful space is achievable for all of us if we have a clear vision and direction. I can create a mood board for you, to enable you to visualize your home the way you really want to live in it.

Get in touch to chat with me now ~ I'd love to hear from you!


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