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What is an interior designer?

An interior designer is a creative professional with the super power of being able to turn a floor, walls and ceiling into a functional and beautiful space.

We discover the purpose of the room and the feeling you want to experience as you walk in, be it the feeling of retreating to relax in your bedroom, the lively atmosphere of the heart of your home in the kitchen, or the sophistication of a formal lounge or dining room.

An interior designer takes inspiration from the things you love and creates a design concept to suit you. Have you collected amazing and unique items on your travels? Or perhaps you have a very special family heirloom piece that takes pride of place in your home? A love of indoor plants? We can work with that! Having a favourite item or collection on which to base a design concept is a fabulous starting point in your design journey.

Interior designers are also walking encyclopedias on all the details - things like how much space you need between furniture items to be able to use them properly! Or how much space you need between the bed and the wall to be able to vacuum, the ideal distance between your kitchen cabinets and island bench, and even how high to hang artwork. We work with the scale of each piece within the space to give you the most practical layout and make sure it all comes together and looks 'right'.

One of the most important design elements we work with is light. Yes, natural light is our favourite most of the time, and we love to maximise the natural light available in any design. Of course here in Australia, our natural light can be pretty bright and hot at times and we know how to manage that too, so you can enjoy your space throughout the day and the seasons. Artificial lighting is also really important - so important it can make or break your room. Interior designers know all the tricks in selecting the type of lighting you need, the locations, and the amount to ensure your functional spaces are functional (hello bathrooms!), and your cosy spaces are cosy.

So, if you are wondering what's missing from your home, why it doesn't feel quite like 'you', get in touch! I'd love to chat about how I can help.

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